Ppr emergency

Which WR would you rather have for Weeks 15 and 16, aka the Fantasy Playoffs for those lucky enough to lock up a first round bye…

Nelson Agholor or Robert Woods? And why would you go that way?!

Thanks in advance!

I have not heard much on Woods health/outlook. If he is healthy that is the way I would go, He had clearly established himself as Goffs favorite target while Agholor has Ertz and Jeffrey that i would say are clearly the # 1 and 2 options in Philly.
Good luck!

It depends not just on the health of Woods, but of the health of Ertz.

Now I doubt Ertz’s injury lasts that long, but were it to be a lingering issue, Agholor regardless of Woods’ health.

If Ertz comes back and Woods has a clean bill of health? You gotta go Woods.