PPR Fair Trade ?!?

Buck Allen for Larry Fitzgerald and Olsen in full ppr. I am 3-0 with what I believe is good team. I am offering the trade trying to get depth at TE (yes I know he’s injured right now) for ROS. The other team is RB WEAK!

QB: Rodgers
RB: Gordon, K Johnson, Breida, D Lewis, Ekeler, J Allen
WR: K Allen, Thielen, Landry, Cobb, Callaway
TE: Burton

Anybody have any suggestions?

Honestly it’s fine but who are you dropping for fitz. I will let you know I would keep buck. The te position is always stream able. Cuz burton honestly isn’t even a weekly starter right now.

I was going to cut cobb

Ugh that’s tough. Fitz might be good ros with Rosen but that offense besides Johnson I’d stay away from.

My goal is to try and grab Olsen knowing his potential if healthy. I figured I could ride Burton until olsen comes back without worrying about his bye week which is this week

Yeah if that’s the case go for it. And if you can get the Jump in fitz while he’s dirt low. And both do work out why not. But you are rostering 2 te I don’t think that’s smart but up to you.

Make it any better that we have an ir spot? Plus I figured fitz would be an acceptable bye week fill in since he plays during my starters byes

Yeah that works go for it

Sometimes I just need the reassurance that my thoughts aren’t completely out in left field