PPR Flex Help - who to play?

Current have Amari in there, but would you swap in out for either DJ, Coleman or Singletary? Just concerned with his injures that he could goose?

Any takes here??

what are each of the matchups?

I’m interested in amari, coleman or singletary more than DJ as we don’t know how Drake will fit in now.

Also, whats the scoring?

Full PPR.

Amari vs MIN
Coleman vs SEA
Singletary vs CLE
DJ vs TB

Johnson apparently going to be playing slot so lots of receptions there and potential goal line work. That would be my choice especially in a potentially high scoring game.

Amari is who I’d pick, followed by Singletary or Coleman.
BUT, how is Xavier Rhodes playing this year?

I think Coleman is the safer play cause 49ers RB’s are great this year but if Singletary does what he did last week its def him over Coleman.

DJ, unknown workload and bad matchup.

Where was the slot report I missed that? Would make sense though for the Cards to use him there.

Heard it on a podcast earlier.