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PPR FLEX: Lynch or Jeffery?


Jeffery is coming off an injury and is going to be shadowed by X.Rhodes, but the last time they played each other Jeffery had 100+ yards and a couple touchdowns.
Lynch is going up against a Chargers D allowing 4.44 yards per run.


Standard Lynch, PPR Jeffery. But pretty much a toss up either way. I can’t see 32 year old Lynch doing this every week for 16 weeks.


agree with @Justahermit


I am fully expecting regression for Lynch. Im worried about a single digit game


i agree with the the other 2


for Jeffery


Actually, wait a minute… kind of a coin flip. Lynch has a great matchup and will get a couple goal line opportunities as Gruden wants to feed him…

Jeffery has a favorable matchup as Minnesota’s defense is not playing well…


Thats my thought process and X.Rhodes is amazing sooo…?


I think Lynch is RB2 with RB1 upside easy with the amount of touches he gets and the matchup… Lynch has a higher ranking in the FFB ratings and when using their player comparison, Lynch beats Alshon… I change my tune and go Lynch…