PPR: Helaire for Jacobs?

Straight up trade. Jacobs is an absolute bell cow but Helaire catches more and has a better offense. Who would you rather own for the rest of the season?

Jacobs would be my vote

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I agree with @B3AMS.

CEH is on the better offense, but that comes with a price. There are a lot of mouths to feed in KC for CEH to provide consistent fantasy value compared to where he was drafted (most took him over Jacobs).

Jacobs is 100% the guy in LV. He is going to get the run volume. Hopefully, they increase his passing work and start run blocking better for him. Jacobs has the upside to be a top 5 fantasy RB this year.

To piggyback off of this, I know you mentioned Helaire catches more balls, but Jacobs has caught 7 of his ten targets already, which is pretty solid for someone with his run volume.