Ppr help plz

need a wr, rb n flex in a full ppr:
dj moore
justin jackson

thanks in advance, cheers

For me I go Ingram at running back, with the saints likely playing with the lead. WR go with Humphries with DJax out and him getting a lot of work lately. For the last slot, I think Justin Jackson is probably the safest. Boyd has no quarterback and Moore is dealing with a less than 100% Cam Newton so there’s less chance of a big down the field play with him.

appreciate the advice, was leaning humphries n ingram as well n trying to figure how to get jackson in there, dude looked great ladt week…boyds been solid, but its def a tough matchup

For sure. I definitely understand if you go Boyd, especially with what AB just did to them last week. I’m probably higher on Jackson than I should be.

nah im w u on jackson, i had him starting ahead of ingram early in the week, just cant pull the trigger on it