PPR, high scoring, 12 team, $60 Dynasty Startup, FULL

  • $60 (Next year’s deposit is required to make any trades)
  • 12 teams
  • FAAB
  • PPR, All 6ptTD, 0.2ppCar, 0.5pp1stD, 0.1ppComp, Bonuses
  • No K, No DST, No trade reviews
  • QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, 2FLX, 15 Bench, 6 Taxi
  • 30-round start-up draft 8hr/pick
  • 8 playoff teams
  • Bottom 4 teams play for top draft order
  • Payouts through LeagueSafe

Payouts :
50% - Champ ($360)
18.75% - Runner Up ($135)
1/3 of the rest - Most Fantasy Points ($75)
1/3 of the rest - Most Fantasy Points from weeks 13-17 ($75)
1/3 of the rest - “Podcast Award” ($75 - Awarded to the league member who accurately predicts the most Fantasy Footballers Podcast water bets, buy/sell and other in season predictions. These predictions will be posted in the league chat as polls)

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Sounds like a fun league! When are you thinking of drafting?

I am in if you are drafting in late August/early September.

We will be drafting once the league fills up and everyone pays. So probably within a couple weeks

Still need another player? I am interested. My sleeper id is: FIRE_THE_CANNONS.

If you’re still needing someone I am in. Sleeper ID is Hotdog29