PPR - Keeper advice - first time poster!

12 team PPR league - we can keep up to two Keepers (losing the round drafted or last round if picked up on waivers). I am drafting from the 9th slot and my options are:

  1. Davante Adams (lose 2nd round pick)
  2. Tyler Lockett (lose 13th round pick)
  3. DJ Moore (lose 15th round pick - waiver pickup)
  4. Devonta Freeman (lose 15th/14th round pick - waiver pickup)

Which two would you folks go with? Thanks!

I would definitely take Freeman and lose the late round pick. For the other one, I’d say either Adams in the 2nd if you trust you can find another value with the 3rd round pick, which should still leave you with a Julio/Michael Thomas/OBJ pairing with Adams in the 1st, or take Lockett if you want your front end of the draft to have options.

@rk-shakti Welcome to the FFB community!

Options 1 and Options 4 without questions my man. you can probably draft Lockett and DJ Moore if you want them that badly. Adams gives you an elite WR, so depending on who else is kept, you can probably draft an elite WR or a low end RB1. You get Freeman, who is an injury rick, for next to nothing, but is a solid RB2 with RB1 potential.

Thank you! Owners are not required to declare their Keepers till August 26 (Draft is on August 31) - so its not known who all are being kept. From the “grapevine”, Mahomes/Kelce/J Connor/Damien Williams/Nick Chubb/JuJu/Lindsay/Kittle amongst those that may end up being kept.

Then you should be able to have grab another elite WR or low-end RB1. Your lineup would be as follows: