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PPR Keeper Help


Im in a PPR dynasty/eeper league and im starting to doubt who i originally wanted to keep. The deadline for who to keep is coming up and im only able to protect 4 players. I was thinking of keeping ab, lesean mccoy, pryor and reed but i cant make up my mind. Ab and lesean are locks to me but i need help finding the other two guys that will be best for me to protect both for this year and for future. The top players on my roster are;
Lesean mccoy
Jamison crowder
Tyreke hill
Jordan reed
Tyler Eifert.


What rounds are you keeping each player in? Or are they just going to take up your first 4 round picks?


Well the way it works is everyone protects 4 players and everyone not on a roster and all rookies are part of the draft. So im not loosing a pick by protecting any of them. I have to protect 4


You had it right originally stick to that, AB, Shady, Reed and Pryor. Far too much what if and variable with the others, take the locks and be happy!


Gotcha, in that case. I’d take AB, McCoy, Reed and either Pryor or Hill. I think Pryor is a safer pick, but that give you two redskins. Hill is a little more of an enigma, but has tremendous upside. I’d go Pryor personally.


The Washington offence may sustain multiple fantasy assets, Kansas may not have any outside of an RB1. Plus Hill you could get back in the draft, not so sure Pryor will hang around long with that depth of players taken.


Music to my ears guys. Giving me that confidence. Thanks alot


AB, McCoy, Pryor, and hill. you can pick one of those TEs up later if you want this way. but you lock up explosive talent. downside, the unknown. after AB and McCoy, its all boom bust. although hill is being religated to that #1 spot, i dont know if he has the route running ability to actually be more than a deep threat. the chiefs are looking like they are confident in him though. they have even gone as far to say he will NOT return kicks this year, and maybe no punts. that actually makes me more confident in him. says they expect him to be explosive on offense, not special teams. as for pryor its just an unknown of how he will fit in that team. but he damn well could turn into a top 5 monster with kirk throwing him the ball. so thats what i do. i lock up my number 1 RB and WR, then take my free potential fliers on the other 2. after that i draft a complimentary RB and then get my depth.