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PPR Keeper Insight

12 team league. I have Julio, Evans, David Johnson and Jordan Howard currently rostered from last season. I’m thinking about keeping Evans and DJ. Giving up a 2nd Rd for Evans as a first time keeper where he was drafted, and a 5th Rd for DJ. Iv been keeping DJ every year ever since I plucked him from waivers when he blew up, I think in 2016. Every year we keep the same guy he goes up 2Rds the upcoming season in our league. I’m currently picking 2nd this year, any thoughts on keeping Julio over Evans, I would give up my 1st Rd pick for Julio since I drafted him in the first last season. Or should I try and deal Julio for an additional 2nd Rd and/or 3rd/4th Rd pick before I just throw Evans or Julio back in the pot???

I wouldn’t keep Julio if you have the 2nd pick. I’m assuming it’s a 2 keeper league. DJ is an obvious one and then I would do Evans in the 2nd. That’s where is ADP is and he will go earlier with other keepers off the board. Even with the 2nd pick you could get Julio back, but at least you could see what else was out there first.

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That was my thought, thanks

I’d keep Evans for the value and grab one of those elite RBs in that second pick.