PPR keeper l

Just a quick question for a PPR keeper league. Keep Mccaffery and loose my first round pick or Mahomes and loose my 13th round pick? Thanks

I’d go Mahomes for sure.

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Ok I was thinking the same but I was afraid of not getting a chance to have an elite tier rb as most of the elite tier rbs has already been kept

Strictly from a value standpoint, Mahomes is a much better play.
How big is the league and how many guys can be kept?

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10 man one keeper

So at worst, you get the RB10 with your 1st round pick and you get to lock in the consensus QB1 with the 13th round pick.
If you look at how much Mahomes will potentially outscore all other 13th round picks by its not even close.
Plus when the rest of your league is grabbing QBs in the 7,8,9 you can keep loading up on position players.
When does the rest of the league have to declare keepers?


I’d go with Mahomes as well. The value is too good to turn down. Plus, depending are where you draft, you have half a chance of still getting McCaffery back.


We declare keepers before we get draft orders

True that’s a good point