PPR Keeper - Lamar Jackson or Kenyan Drake

12 man PPR. I draft in the 3rd position.

Do you take Lamar Jackson @ the 9th round. or Kenyan Drake @ the 4th round?

Lamar in the 9th for sure


No question, it’s Lamar.


You can also get risky and keep Drake in the 4th and hope Lamar falls to you with the 2.09 pick. This ensures you have both studs.

Lamar Jackson for a 9th.

According to the latest UDK - ADP Data, Jackson’s ADP is 2.10 (22 overall). If you keep Jackson, his ADP will be 9.3 (99 overall), which yields an overall value of 77 picks.

On the other hand, Drake’s ADP is 2.01 (13 overall). Keeping Drake puts his ADP at 4.10 (46 overall), and the resultant value of 33 picks is less than half the value of keeping Jackson.


I eventually decided on Lamar because I got the 3rd overall draft pick and would help secure my RB1 position.

Also the rest of the league also went high on QB keepers this year… not sure why

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