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PPR Keeper League Help


I joined my friend’s 14 man, .5 PPR, and 1 keeper league. I picked up the person’s roster who dropped out, and I have this:

Case Keenum
Emmanuel Sanders
John Brown
Marshawn Lynch
Christian McCaffery
Devin Funchess
Jeremy Hill
Donte Moncrief
Aaron Rodgers

I’m the 1st pick of the 1st round to give everyone a better idea, but I was curious on who I should keep. I know it’s a PPR League, but I was thinking on keeping Rodgers. If not him though for sure McCaffery. Who do you think weighs out to be a better pick?


Assuming no round penalty for the keepers? If it’s me I’m keeping McCaffrey and then at 1.01 I’m taking Barkley. In a 14 man its very unlikely that anyone has more than one top player at multiplie position groups so the options will be thin. In a half PPR having McCaffrey and Barkley as your 2 RBs will put you at a major advantage against most people as its so hard in 14 team leagues to be that strong at one position.

You’ll be able to get value later at QB and if it’s a snake draft, its such a long wait for your 2nd pick the drop off from Barkley to whoever is left will be vast so i’d lock up two RB1s and then go best available with the 2.14 and 3.01 and i’d take at a WR there if not two depending on whos there at RB/TE. Not going QB that early on the rest of your team will be in bad shape because of it


There are no penalties, but okay that makes some more sense. I’ve only been in non-PPR leagues so I didn’t know how deep QBs can go, but it feels like you should just build an arsenal because that’s where majority of your points will come. Thanks for your advice @James89


No worries man, my main and longest running league is standard scoring and to be honest no matter the format i always stock up on RBs/WRs until at least round 10 then i’ll start to look at QB unless something crazy happens are Rodgers falls to me in the 6th round plus, hes the guy i’d break stride for otherwise i load up elsewhere. Especially in bigger leagues over 12 players, QB’s will go a little earlier sure but it’s so much more important to have better skill position guys. You’ll be in great shape with CMC and basically your pick of the best player there at 1.01


Keep McCaffrey and second the idea that adding the top RB available (which will likely be Barkley unless you’re playing with a bunch of dinguses lol) is your best option. Especially in a 14 team league, you’ll want to ensure you’re not weak at one of the skill positions and this sets you up nicely. Plus, with back to back picks at 2.14 and 3.01 you can cherry pick two players you really want at the WR position and have a nice core going into the league winnin’ rounds.