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PPR Keeper Question


In a PPR league where I can keep two players and sacrifice 1 draft spot higher than the previous seasons draft spot. I can keep Julio for a first, McCoy for a second or Melvin Gordon for a 5th.

Leaning toward Gordon for the value of a top 10 back in the 5th, but having trouble deciding between Julio and McCoy… Thoughts?


Where do you draft?


It’s Gordon for me


Draft order has not been determined yet, I feel like Gordon is the no brainer value, but its the other two where I need to pick one of that I am struggling with


Try to predict the 20 (10-team) or 24 (12-team) keepers that’ll be scooped up in your league. With that in mind, you’ll have a list of Round 1 talent that slipped through the cracks and will be available to draft.

If your 1st round pick is early enough, odds are you’ll get one of those top notch guys. If so, don’t keep Julio. You might get him anyway… which means Melvin is the better choice. He’s a huge value in the 5th round of a 2-keeper league.

If you have a late 1st Round pick, it’s a tougher call. Locking up two top RBs with 2nd and 5th round cost is probably the right decision (because of scarcity at the position), but I understand the pull of getting a potential #1 WR at the end of the first.


Gordon is the no brainer for me. The other players you have a chance of getting back in the draft at those draft spots.


Gordon is a no brainer, and Julio to me only becomes an option if you end up with a late first. You have a shot of Julio or the like in the early first, whereas I don’t think you’re going to have a shot to get McCoy in the second in a league with this setup.

ButterFace is correct, the best way to do it is to predict who will be kept by the other teams. Being a #Footclan member you obviously know it can pay off to purchase premium content. I would recommend the FantasyPros.com MVP account, then you can load in the projected keepers and mock with the same app that they use on the Podcast. I’ve used this method to great success the past couple years. Then you can even play around with which you keep and compare which roster make up you like the best. I do the 6 month plan for 6.99mo to utilize the in season tools as well.