PPR Keepers - Draft on Friday

Any thoughts for 3 Keepers in a PPR league??
Only have 1 pick to use in each round. 3rd pick in a snaking draft.

Mixon 2nd
Ertz 2nd
Evans 3rd
Sony 8th
Guice 13th
Wentz 13th
Prescott 13th
Trade for Hilton 3rd
Trade for Woods 7th
Trade for Mahomes 9th
Trade for Kupp 9th
Trade for DJ Moore 13th

Leaning towards Evans. Then possibly Mixon and a trade for Woods. Thoughts?

How many teams?

I like Evans with the 3 over T.Y.
Woods for a 7th appears to be best value around that area, but Mahomes at the nine isn’t terrible? What would you be trading for Mahomes?

Might be able to pick Mixon back up in the draft anyways? Do you have any ideas of the potential pool to pick from?

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10 teams total. A mix of experienced players and fairly green.
Likely for Mahomes I’m giving up a mid round pick. Most teams are trading value players that they aren’t keeping themselves.
And yes with Mixon. I don’t love him but seems safe to keep him if I’m not chasing bigger value somewhere else.