PPR Keepers question, Keep 2? Escalator rule +2rd

12 teams league, PPR, 1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 1RB/WR/TE.
Every year keeper value is +2 rd.
So if I keep Hopkins 4th rd, next year I can still keep him in 2nd rd etc. This year I will be in 12th position of a snake draft. meaning drafting 12th, 13th, 36th, 37th, 60th, 61st etc.

I can keep 2 out of those options:

  • Antonio Brown, 3rd rd

  • DeAndre Hopkins, 4th rd

  • Davante Adams, 4th rd

  • Alex Collins, 15th rd

  • Kenyan Drake, 15th rd

I am leaning towards Brown & Hopkins, but that means it would probably be my last year keeping them. Whereas if I keep Drake or Collins, I can potentially keep them for 5+ years

Any advice?


I like Brown in the third for you being the 36th overall pick, great value and it takes him off the board and away for anyone else. But I feel that Hopkins might still be on the board at the 37th overall pick and potentially a player with more value at that point. Do you have to keep two players?

I would keep Brown and Hopkins. Don’t worry about too far down the road, new keeper options appear every year. Focus on winning this year, don’t over think it.

Agreed with CJ56. No idea what logdog2 is thinking saying Hopkins would still be available at 37th overall.

Keep Brown and Hopkins. The only time is now.

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