PPR Keepers

It is a 10 team PPR league. Get to keep 3. I have the 7th pick in a snake draft.
Chris Godwin - 2nd round
Nick Chubb - 4th round
Austin Ekeler - 6th round
Devin Singletary - 9th round
D.J. Chark - 12th round
Raheem Mostert - 13th round

Chubb, Ekeler and Chark for sure, 7th pick in the first round should still get you a great WR at the very least, hopefully a top tier RB is there but if not grab a great WR. The value on these players is immense. Mostert is interesting at 13 but his value is getting disrespected this draft so you should be able to draft him later.

I’d also say Chubb and Ekeler for sure. But, I would go Godwin in the 2nd instead of Chark in the 12th. If you go into the draft with Godwin, Chubb, and Ekeler as your foundation you will be able to stang another stud WR in the first and build from that foundation having already secured your WR 1/2 and RB 1/2.

I like Godwin as well but he has a lot of question marks with TB12 and gronk coming in, and to take him as your 2nd round pick limits the upside of your team, whereas if you take Chark at 12, sure he’s a bit riskier than Godwin but the value difference from your draft picks is immense and you could still probably grab him with your 1st or 2nd pick if you wanted him