PPR league keeper help

In my league i can keep up to 5 players but can only keep one of my top 2 players and have one franchise tag,
every player i keep moves up one slot (if i keep Keenan Allen he would be my 3rd round pick this year )Snake Draft and i will pick 6 out of 10 teams …Franchise tag keeps player at there draft spot so they dont move up one spot this year.
(so i could franchise tag Kelse keep him at #2 and have a first round pick)


what players would you keep?

 Thanks for your help

1 Davante Adams WR
2 Travis Kelce T
3 Chris Carson RB
4 Keenan Allan WR
6 Dandre Swift RB
7 Austin Ekeler RB
10 Pittsburgh- DEF
11 Kyler Murry QB
12 Kareem Hunt RB
*10 Brandon Aiyuk WR
Chase Edmonds RB
Laviska Shenault WR
James Robinson RB
Daniel Carson K
Robert tonyan T

all Players above were not drafted and could be kept as my #15th,14th,13th pick except Brandon Aiyuk
he would be my number 9th pick because he was drafted in 10th round by someone else in the league during
our draft and was dropped

So Kelce becomes a first, Carson a second if kept?

I’m keeping Adams for 1st, Ekeler for 6th, Edmonds for 15th and Murray 10th for sure. And I’m probably keeping Hunt for 11th and Swift for 5th.

That should leave me enough depth at rb that I can take any values that slip to enhance it but I don’t need to push it. I can focus almost entirely on WR and TE with 2-4th and 6-9th.

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