PPR league need to start 1 who would you start?

Ty Montgomery GB
Sony Michel NE
Matt Brieda SF
Alfred Morris SF

Briedas getting starter hype but he’s not a great pass catching back and he’s around the same size as McKinnon and was recently banged up too .

Morris has been good for shannahan, in Dallas I can recall .

Ty on his own is solid in PPR but he’s smaller being a former WR but what worries me most is splitting carries with Williams and Jones but aren’t they both out this week ones hurt ones suspended ?

Sony , plays for NE so already a headache , there’s Rex and white for multiple roles and already Bills guys, they added Hill for power back but they didn’t just draft this kid for nothing but that doesn’t mean he’ll get a lot of opportunities and he’s banged up .

Very nervous about this grouo anyone with more insight or whatever please feel free to help me / correct me .

Also planning to package these guys if 2 have a good game for many other Rbs lol .any advice on targets at rb that might struggle week 1 that could be good later ?

Any answers are appreciated you can ignore the rest of the questions and just answer which guy I should start .


Id go with Brieda