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PPR league, Who to Flex?


Current starters:

RB: Devonta Freeman
RB: Melvin Gordon

WR: Demaryius Thomas
WR: Keenan Allen
WR: Adam Thielen

Flex options:

  • Martavis Bryant vs. Minnesota
  • Bilal Powell @ Oakland
  • Ameer Abdullah @ NY Giants
  • Tarik Cohen @ Tampa Bay.

I think it’s mainly between Martavis Bryant and Tarik Cohen at the moment for who to flex here. Do you guys have any suggestions? Appreciate it.


Agree it’s between martavis and Cohen. Have the same issue but a standard league. For a PPR I think I would go Cohen.


Appreciate the feedback! I was leaning towards Cohen too but I really wanna see Martavis blow up for huge plays like in 2015 and I kinda have a feeling he can do it at home but it is Minnesota after all.


I think Martavis’s boom is boomier, but Tarik’s floor is probably higher. If you’re feeling desperate, I’d plug in Martavis. If you’re feeling like you have a good shot at winning, I’d go with Tarik.


Hmm yeah I am in a super close matchup projection wise so I am
contemplating the boom possibility of Martavis over the floor of Cohen.
Still a super hard call tho :frowning: