PPR Leagues that start 3 wide receivers

I play in a 12 team full PPR league. We start 2 rbs, 3 WRS, and we have one flex position in addition to QB, TE, DST, and Kicker.

In the simulated mock drafts I do on fantasypros.com I notice that ANY time I choose a running back early, I invariably end up hating the receivers I find myself looking at in later rounds. I always feel better about my team when I draft at least 2-3 receivers immediately and then take chances on running backs like Alex Collins, Rashaad Penny, Dion Lewis, Derrius Guice, etc.

I was wondering if this tracked with other people’s mock drafts in 3 WR leagues, or if I’m potentially not valuing the running backs correctly.

Any thoughts?

What slot do you pick in? If you’re early (top 5/6) it’s hard to pass on the RB talent in Rd 1. Anything later than that and you are in line for AB or OBJ and a high end tier 2 (Thomas/Green/Thielen) WR to set you up for consistent weekly scoring.

There seems to be a ton of mid-level RB that will have a chance to put up receptions to help your awesome WR’s carry you to the promise land.

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I’m in the same position. We start 3 WRs and 2 RBs so WRs should be valued higher than in most rankings. I’ve done a few mock drafts and find it hard to draft a WR first and then find decent RBs in later rounds without reaching. So far my best drafts have been when I drafted WR-WR and then either RB or Gronk or Aaron Rodgers. Usually I draft WRs early in this type of league, but I’m learning where you have to take RBs to take advantage of tier breaks. Ideally I get a top tier RB early and then load up on WRs until it’s time to grab a TE or QB.

Hmmm… interesting. Thanks for the responses.

And Stifler, to answer your question… I don’t know my draft position yet. I finished pretty low in the league last year, so I believe I’ll be 2nd or 3rd to pick their draft spot so I’m looking to select 3rd or 4th if I can. Seems like a good spot.

In my ideal drafting scenario, I’d love to draft late as I can and grab Antonio Brown.

I see the same things you do. The one way around it I have found is splitting 2/2 in the first four rounds. Then I hit RB hard and add in high upside WR when they present themselves.

Hard to list target players as so much can happen after the first three rounds, but I think my roster ends up well positioned and I like my guys.

Oh! If Gurley / DJ / Bell / Zeke are there I take one, else I go WR in my first round. If all those AND Brown / OBJ / Jones are gone, I grab RB as I do not think any of the other WR are locks, so I think I can roll the dice on a harder position like RB.

If that makes sense. I hope it helps!

Thanks! Definitely makes sense.

My league has same scoring and roster size, and is 12 team.

I’ve found that if drafting back end, I like to get one of each during each turn.

Middle round I have been liking RB, WR, WR, then RB.

Early rounds, I really like grabbing Gronk at back end of 2nd if poissible. With no Edelman for first 4 games, Gronk could carry you to a 4-0 start.

Then get at least 1 WR in 4th and 5th.

Overall, I like drafting 6th the best. I am fine with Zeke, DJ, Bell, Brown, gurley or Hopkins with first pick. Plus the middle 2nd round pick helps alot.