PPR Pick 2 RB

Currently have Michel, Cook and RFreeman in my lineup. Wondering if there are any suggestions to go with any others for Cook and Royce (Michel isn’t leaving my lineup).

So, pick 2:
Dalvin Cook (NYJ)
Royce Freeman (ARI)
Alex Collins (NO)
Nyhiem Hines (BUF)
Latavius Murray (NYJ)
Ito Smith (NYG)


Ito and Collins


With the new news that Cook did not practice today (after an earlier report came out saying he got in a full practice), would you start Royce tonight? Or wait to see on Dalvin/Latavius? Or possibly Hines? Think I’m going to go with Royce vs ARI (because I never learn)

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I’m actually starting Royce this weekend myself. I think he sees the endzone once and puts up 60-80 yards.

Royce and Ito for me .

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thanks, yeah i feel like my biggest decision now comes down to Ito or Collins, both are risky. my rbs are a total mess lol

I’d start Ito… the Giants rank in the bottom 10 or so in points allowed to RBs this season, and he already outsnapped Coleman last week.

And while there is some that think Baltimore can keep the Saints from scoring at will, I’m not one of those people. I think Baltimore is going to use Allen a lot while they try to keep pace with New Orleans.

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i think that they have at least a chance at keeping them under 30 with their d and it being in baltimore, outdoors, but i hear ya