Ppr pick 2 week 11

A jones , Leonard fournette, or joe mixon??

Ooh that’s tough. Good options to have. I guess I would lean Jones and Mixon, just because with Fournette you never know about an injury popping up, plus his matchup is pretty tough.

Actually, all 3 have tough matchups.

Any insight @MikeMeUpp

Three tought matchups but I would go Mixon and Jones.

Push comes to shove, probably going to pick Fournette. And mixon and jones are a toss up but I’d probably still have to play Mixon cause he gets more usage.

Can you not play all 3?

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I like Fournette and Jones. Jones has a decent matchup and Seattle can be run on. I cannot stand Cincy, and without AJ Green I am a little slow to jump on the Mixon bandwagon even though I love his volume…

I have melvin also @MikeMeUpp

Cincinnati’s offense worrys me and they play Baltimore to top it off

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Gordon, Jones, flex Fournette. I’d say play Mixon if this were a home game, but in Baltimore is not a fun place to be for a divisional game, especially because Baltimore is seeing RED after that last meeting…

Ah I see that makes sense then. I mean I think at home playing Lenny is fine. And it really is super close between Jones and Mixon.

Seattle is a really tough place to play, if it was packers at home, I would say Jones could be a better play. Ravens are tough too but Conner just went in there and stomped them 2 weeks ago as well so they aren’t as ironclad as we thought. SEA is an easier matchup for RBs. I would just go with your gut on that one. Honestly your guess is as good as mine. My brain says mixon, my heart says Jones because he was my guy all offseason so I am just happy to see him crushing it now.


Fournette Jones.

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Fournette and Mixon for me. Jones only got 2 more opportunities than he did week 9 but the two touchdowns he got last week are really skewing things.

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That’s part of the game though. Can’t really say oh well he would’ve been not great if he didn’t get the TDs. But fact of the matter is, he was used on the goal line a bunch and out touched williams 18-3. He is the clear lead back and his usage in the redzone should be a signal of things to come.

And his ability to break big plays is also part of the game. So can’t really discount any of this stuff. That would be like saying Chubb isn’t that great without the 90+ yard run or Tyreek isn’t good without long TD catches.

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Never said he wasn’t good or won’t be good. I checked his numbers and counted for the fact that he would’ve still put up 18 without the two TDs. Just saying that his numbers are inflated right now. He’s obviously good, just think the other two have a better situation.

I’d go Fournette and Jones. I’d take my chances with the Packers offense over Cincy’s any day.

I get it, but you can say that about pretty much any player. It’s trade offs. And i think Jones is finally worked himself into that lead role and on a good offense nonetheless.

I think its honestly splitting hairs here between mixon and jones for this week in particular. I like both and wish i was lucky enough to play both. Mixon with AJ green in the offense def makes it less appealing in terms of bengals ability to get into scoring position.

And I do say that about any and every player until they’re consistently putting up the big numbers (which Jones isn’t consistently doing if we can all be honest for a moment). Just like to take a step back and look at the big picture, especially when a player has a blowup week.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all in on Jones ROS. He’s going to be great. Just don’t think I can play him in my lineup (against Minnesota nonetheless) over Mixon or Fournette yet.

He’s not playing Minn. He’s playing SEA who is more than beatable on the ground.

Mixon is going up against Baltimore at baltimore. last time that happened, he didn’t do much of anything despite getting 22 touches and that was at home with AJ Green active. Balt also has a top 5 rushing defense.

And if we do step back and look at last year, whenever Jones was the starting/leading RB and got 15-20 touches, he was an RB1 in 4/6 weeks. And he is that now. Definitely still risks involved, but between this year and last, Aaron Jones has just as many RB1 and Rb2 finishes as mixon but with half as many games as starter. I think that counts for something as well. I don’t expect jones to go out there and put up 150 yards and 2 TDs a game, i don’t expect that from anyone except maybe gurley cause he’s a cheat code. But I do think you can comfortably slot jones into your lineup as an every week starter.

And now thinking about all of this, I actually change my mind and do think fournette / jones might be the right play. But again, it’s just a gut feeling and splitting hairs between mixon and jones.

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You’re right. Was looking at week 12. Baltimore’s been a bad D lately though. And with it being a Thursday game in the rain, I concede and say Jones and then don’t know between Fournette and Mixon.

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