PPR Redraft big names 3 for 3 trade!

Current Roster:
QB: Rodgers
RB: Gibson, Hunt, Patterson, Pollard, (Montgomery on IR), (Jeff Wilson Jr on IR)
WR: Adams, Ridley, Mike Williams, Diontae Johnson, Pittman Jr, Emmanuel Sanders
TE: Hockenson

I receive: Darren Waller, Darrell Henderson, Matthew Stafford

I trade: Diontae Johnson, Kareem Hunt, Hockenson


In a vacuum it’s fine, but any chance you could get a 2nd RB back? Don’t see much point in receiving Stafford with you having Rodgers, and you could use the RB depth.

I’d rather get Jamaal Williams, or someone of that tier than a 2nd QB.

And for whatever reason I guess I’m now realizing Patterson most likely = Cordarrelle, not Jaret. Sorry I’m in a Dynasty mindset right now I guess. In that case it’s fine ignore my previous responses lol

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Lol yes Cordarrelle my bad. I actually did have Jaret on my team when the Gibson news broke but recently dropped him.

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