PPR Russ Wilson for Wil Fuller - Thoughts?

I have both Watson and Russ
10 Team PPR
My WRs - OBJ, JuJu, Sanders, Watkins

Would you trade Russ for Fuller?

Fuller is WR2 minimum for ROS with WR1 upside when healthy.

In any single QB league, I’m giving up wilson for him pretty quickly. You also have watson and watson+fuller is one of the best stacks to own from a TD perspective.

I would do this trade. I do expect wilson to recover pretty quickly in the coming weeks but no point owning 2 top 6 QBs.

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I would be okay with this if Fuller hadn’t just re-injured the hammy. You have depth at the position, but Fuller is a beast. You certainly have the WR depth to wait for him to return. I would make this deal. I would bet in a 10 team league you have plenty of stream worthy QBs to grab as insurance for Watson and BYE week coverage.

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thanks guys!