PPR: Saquon, or Kamara?

State your case. Thanks.

Good luck in your late drafts!

Saquon. Easy answer…volume > Kamara, especially once Mark Ingram is back.

Alvin Kamara. The volume argument holds no weight (IMO), as the Saints actively gave more opportunities to Kamara as the season rolled along.

Also — Saquon is averaging -0.3 yards before contact per carry. His O-Line still needs work, whereas New Orleans has a top 3 Line in the game! Better offense all-around, as well.

Barkley, comdortably. Volume, volume, volume, goal line work, Kamara regression.

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The volume argument absolutely holds weight. Kamara got more work, but even if you prorate that out to 16 games, it’s not close to the volume Barkley is going to get.

Barkley is far more Kamara than he is Lev Bell. I don’t expect his volume to significantly exceed Kamara’s, and I think the Giants offense won’t be nearly as effective as the Saints. I still love Barkley… But Kamara is the truth!

He’s nearly 20 lbs heavier… He’s actually more DJ than either. He’s going to get 75 more touches than Kamara. Easily. I’d actually wager he gets 100 more. This isn’t close.

As for the offense, why? Because the Giants sucked without 3 of their top 4 WRs, with the 4th dealing with an injury all year, with corpses in the backfield, before they added two quality offensive linemen, and with one of the worst coaches in the league last year? This has all the makings of a top 10 offense.

Barkley for the reasons mentioned by @DFWB Hard to see Kamara being as efficient as he was last year and Barkley will have significantly more touches IMO

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All of these great comments show me that you probably can’t go wrong with either.

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I say Kamara too just cause the guys talented, he wasn’t a runner based off strength alone and was just a damn wizard. he is probably gonna take over ingrams spot and will probably knock ingram out of his starting job if he kicks butt during the first 4 games without him there

Highly unlikely. They’ve made it pretty clear they have not intention to use him as a bell cow. I fact they’ve never used a bell cow or anything close with any regularity during Peyton’s tenure (Tim Hightower, anyone?).

Thanks for the responses. There’s no RIGHT choice, just comes down to comfort. I wound up going with Kamara, although it was close. In the end, it came down to the fact that Barkley has the same bye week as one of my key keepers (D Johnson). Plenty happy with my team.

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I feel like Kamara is due for some regression. Barkley is going to be used as a 3 down back and should see plenty of targets out of the back field. Either way your probably going to be okay. I lean Barkley, mainly because of the draft stock of being picked #2 overall. Not much of an argument but my thought.

Like the Keelan Cole bench stash. I got a good feeling about him this year.