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PPR Sit one WR


Sit one of these guys, full PPR

Dez Bryant @ DEN
Jarvis Landry @ LAC
Stefon Diggs @ PIT
Randall Cobb @ ATL

Currently leaning toward sitting Dez because of his struggles vs top tier CBs I really think Dallas tries to pound the rock with Zeke. I was very high on Cobb going into this year and was obviously encouraged by week 1. Landry and Diggs seem like the safer PPR choices, though I will monitor Landry’s inclusion on the injury report.

Thanks guys!


I would normally say Dez because of his match up. But I’m leaning towards Landry if he isn’t full go. I think Dez is tired of hearing all the chatter about him being shut down by these certain corners this year. Dak proved that one series in the redzone last week, that he wants Dez to score. Went to Dez twice in a row against Jenkins and if he would have got that one foot down, he would have scored.