PPR start/sit lost Sanders & Gordon

Hi folks, my team got first overall and with 8 teams in we don’t have a bye. I’m worried that the injuries will take me down week 1 in the playoffs. I’ve got these guys options:

QB: Rivers
RB1: McCaffrey
RB2: McCoy, White, Ware
WR1: Thielen
WR2: Fitz, Humphries, Sutton
TE: Burton, Rudolph
FLEX: one of the rb/wr
DST: Buffalo, Denver

My gut tells me that McCoy could have a great game, but as a Bills fan, I know that is when they’re really poised to gut punch you. I’m kind of unsure between Humphries and Fitz. Fitz hasn’t been making a lot of catches lately but Kirk is out. How worries are ya’ll about the wind in the TB v. NO game?