PPR superflex Draft help please!

Guys I’m currently in a slow draft for a PPR, superflex, starting 3 wide and in the second round now. Its my pick at the 2.10 I already have Barkley, I’m deciding pretty much between going Kittle, DJ Moore or Mike Evans as I know a top qb will make it back on the turn. I’m leaning Kittle what do you think? This is my first superflex by the way.

Kittle would wrap up the TE position for the year(baring Injury) and a QB with one of those picks is a good idea. Can you kinda see what WR’s might be available in the 4th if you go TE/QB and then say, would I prefer the Kittle/QB/4th round pick, or Moore/Evans, QB, and 4th Round pick? If going WR I would take Evans over Moore, but personally I would go Kittle and Mahomes as the QB if still there in the 3rd.

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That’s great advice! Thanks for the help man! And yeah I REALLY love having a top flight TE so I can just forget the position and if I do this I can just draft WR talent moving forward.

Hell, if you really want to spice things up, could gamble and try to snag Mahomes in the 2nd and Jackson in the 3rd and have a huge advantage, but if you snag Mahomes in the 2nd, then one of the owners between your 2nd and 3rd might feel obligated to snag a QB. But could also go Kittle in the 2nd, Mahomes/Jackson(preference) in the 3rd, then swing back in the 4th and grab possibly Watson and lock up TE and QB then just snag a later QB to fill in buy weeks or any injury too. And don’t be afraid later in the draft to take a back up QB at some point. Someone with upside like Winston, Dalton, etc.