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PPR Trade: Give up Michael Thomas for Alfred Morris and Doug Baldwin?


A guy in my league offered me this trade.

Michael Thomas has been pretty reliable, and is a consistent WR1, but Baldwin ain’t bad either (even though Seattle likes to spread around targets) and if Zeke gets suspended Morris will be a good play.

I’m waiting for the Zeke verdict tonight, but, assuming he is suspended, is this a valuable trade?

My team, for context
QB : Tyrod
WR : Crabtree, AJ Green, Michael Thomas, Funchess, Kupp
RB : McCaffrey, Marshawn, James White, Matt Forte
TE : Brate, Engram
K : Hauchka
Def : NO


I really like this trade. balwin and Thomas are kind of a wash except Russell Wilson is on fire and usually is the second half of the season.


You have to look at it as Michael Thomas for Doug Baldwin though. Morris is a good pad if and only if Zeke is suspended.


For what it’s worth, I ended up bailing on the trade. I was completely on the fence between Thomas and Baldwin, and Zeke was still slated to play, so I kept it safe


I think that’s a good move. Michael Thomas will continue to be reliable so why change it.