PPR Trade Help!

12 Team Full PPR League, I’m streaming QB right now, 4-3 record. Redraft

I send: Devonta Freeman, Lockett, Penny, Gallup

For: White, Adams, Sanders, Newton.

Current Roster:
RB’s: Freeman, Coleman, Zeke, Penny, Pollard.
WR’s: Lockett, Crowder, Gallup, M. Brown, AJ Green, AJ Brown

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Thanks for the detailed info! I’m assuming [Devonta] Freeman and redraft.

I prefer the Freeman, Lockett, Penny, Gallup side.

Yeah, Devonta Freeman and it’s redraft.

I forgot to include that! I appreciate the input, he just offered Adams/Sanders for Lockett/Cohen. I don’t know if I can part with Lockett!

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I think Adams is no longer fantasy viable for 2019. The Packers are 6-1. They are winning games without Adams and have no reason to bring him back early or until he is 110%.