PPR Trade Offer: Dalvin, L Murray, Michel for DJ, Dalton

Thoughts? I would be giving DJ and Dalton.

My RBs currently are:
*DJ, Hines, Royce, Collins
My WRs currently are:
*Green, Kupp, Watkins, Callaway, Taywan Taylor, Keelan Cole
I have Mahomes as my QB.

Accept that trade ASAP!

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Hahah he originally offered the same 3 on his side and I would be giving dj, RFreeman, Dalton. He then texted me and said he doesn’t need Royce if I want to do that deal. I was sitting here like wait…really? Is this too good to be true? Am I wrong for selling DJ? Is Cook just a time bomb?!

Not wrong at all for selling DJ, that AZ offense has been horrible…
I watched every game they have played this season and it has been ugly…

If I had DJ, I would seriously consider Michel for DJ 1 for 1…
The fact you are getting the Vikings backfield is a bonus in my opinion…

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That’s what I was thinking too. I’m just afraid once I trade DJ, Their OC gets his head out of his ass and realizes what he’s doing, especially with an easier upcoming schedule. But I love Michel, and if Cook is healthy he’s a stud as well.