Ppr trade!

So I need a RB and someone wants Davante Adams for Fournette and Diggs… I already have Julio, Amari, and Sammy who was on my bench today smh. Should I take it?

I’m no expert, but I’m not giving up Davante for Fournette unless he shows me something big this season. The Greenbay opener was a bad game all around, but we know Adams can show up. I think you can find better. Curious to see what others say. How deep is the league?

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It’s a 10 team league. The owner has Todd and Zeke too but he’s been difficult about giving them up

I have Julio too, would you move him over Davante?

I just think you can find a better RB option, especially if you’re considering flipping one of your top receivers. Maybe look to some other owners

You should get better than that for Adams I’d move another guy for an rb forsure

Yea I feel that. I’ll try and move Cooper instead or get a better trade partner. Only issue is most teams in this league don’t want to trade until much further down the line

We agreed on Julio and Lindsay for Gurley and Diggs… I feel like it could go either way depending how the season plays out but i think it’s fair

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