PPR, Very Hard Who to Sit

In an 8 team league where some guys were messing around so that would explain the following decision:

I need to sit one of these guys: Jonathan Taylor vs CHI, CEH vs NE, or Josh Jacobs vs BUF

I’d probably go Jacobs just because i look at the defensive logs for Buffalo and with the exception of Darrel Henderson going off they’ve done really well against the run.

Chicago has allowed multiple TD’s and 100+ rush yards to both teams not named the NY Giants

And KC vs NE will be very competitive, i expect CEH to be heavily involved.

Jesus that’s tough as hell. But I really like Jacobs for a big game against the bills this week despite that Buffalo D and I like both Taylor and CEH this week but if I had to choose I go CEH. Coach Bill will be focused on Hill and Kelce I believe there will be some big runs for CEH this week! But Jacobs for me is a must start every week

To jtess72’s point because we both have different opinions, really choosing between these 3 is a great problem to have I really don’t think you could go wrong with any two! I think all three have great weeks. But for me it’s Jacobs CEH

i wouldn’t sit any but if i had to choose it’d be jacobs.

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