PPR Waiver Add for WR

PPR. Who would you drop and who would you add.

Players to drop: M.Bryant (WR-PIT), A.Thielen (WR-MIN), T.Y.Hilton (WR-IND)

Players to add: E.Sanders (WR-DEN), T.Williams (WR-LAC), C.Kupp (WR-LAD)

What is this? A five team league? Holy Shit! I wouldn’t drop Hilton because of the price you paid to get him. Luck will be back so I would stash him for the time being.

Kupp is at the bottom of all these guys in my opinion. Williams isn’t too much ahead of him. BUT Sanders… he is in that same tier with Thielen and Bryant; they are the WR2 on the team. It’s hard to decide which of these guy to drop for Sanders. Sanders will probably prove to be more consistent than Bryant however with Brown getting the bulk of the looks. That is my half-ass answer. Just stay away from Kupp and Williams.

Thank you for the reply. Lol, no there are total of 10 teams. I actually picked up Hilton around the 4 round.

I was also looking at dropping Bryant for Sanders, but when it comes to QB, I think Bryant has a better QB. So most likely I am going to stick with what I have.

Thanks again

I think you’re on the right track, when stuck with a question of this guy or that guy and they are closely matched, then look to their QB and offensive to help you decide. That being said, Rivers is better than Bradford, but Thielen seems to have leveled up. I’d stay pat until we find out what the deal is with Bradford’s knee (again) then you might have a reason to swap those 2.