PPR Waller and Miles Sanders for Fournette

Redraft league. Starters are Zeke and Carson. Also have singletary rostered. Can start two and flex another. I have Vance dance rostered as well as a second te. Thanks guy!

I would do it. Fournette not hurt or fighting is a great volume RB. Got to get a heavy workload with a backup QB. He’s catching some too, but not the best PPR play, but I’d still do it.
So right now you have 3 TEs rostered. My question to that is why?!

Thanks. No I drafted Vance as my only TE and grabbed Waller off waivers before week 1. So this would leave me with Vance after. Current RBs are Zeke Carson Singletary and Sanders. I think it might be a stretch but I just asked him to do Vance and Sanders for Fournette. Could be on the table as well.