PPR which TE do you trade away?

attempting to get Fournette. 14 man league. I’ve got Waller and Andrews.

  1. Which do you trade away?
  2. With Evans, Hilton, Boyd, and JuJu I’m considering trading away McLaurin too. Is McLaurin and one of the those TE’s too much for Fournette?

At this stage, you are buying Fournette high, so likely that offer is not enough.

I should’ve mentioned - that guy has OJ Howard. One RB league and he has Gurley.

I’d trade Andrews and keep Waller.
Andrews has the higher ceiling but with the target share Waller is getting I think he will be putting up consistently great numbers every week especially of he starts hauling in some TD passes.
Simply put I consider Waller the more reliable every week play.

I’d trade Andrews, however, I’d be surprised if you could get Fournette for him & Mc Laurin with Fournette coming off a career day - good luck!

Can you please reply to my trade question posted earlier? Thanks.