PPR - Who would you take ROS?

Mixon vs Howard
Evans vs Hilton

& Why?

I would say it was encouraging to see Howard catch a few out of the back field, even in full PPR I think Howard and Mixon are too close to call.

Evans has always struck me as a stand league fantasy player but he’s had volume games in the past. Both teams will be playing from behind this year but I think the Colts will be worse leaving more oppertunity for TY, But again you can’t go wrong with Big Mike. As of right now Evans appears to be the better option but I am willing to bet on T.y.

I know I sound like a politician but these are really close to call. Just have to see how it shakes out during the year.

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Does Evans lose value/ production when Winston comes back?

I have Hilton & Evans. I have a couple of trade talks with an owner and they are in the realm of:

Hilton for Howard
Evans for Mixon
Evans for Howard + something (around Hogan value wise)

He had DJax but he’s hurt so I think he wants another piece of the Fitzmagic.

Mixon for sure and to me toss up between Hilton or Evans. I like Luck better as a quaterback so i’d go with Hilton.

Trade wise would you consider any of the ones I outlined?

Who are your running backs currently and do you have any other wide receivers?

Starting RBs - Burkhead, Morris
Starting WRs - Evans, Hilton, Tate
Flex - Juju

Mixon and TY

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I might take both RBS lol but that’s just me