PPR WR/Flex Help

Who should I play at WR2, WR3, Flex, and Defense???
QB - Lamar
RB1 - Zeke
RB2 - Saquon
WR1 - Lockett
WR2 -
WR3 -
TE - Waller
W/R -
K - Butker
Def -

Breshad Perriman
Anthony Miller
Marlon Mack
James Conner
Odell Beckham
T.Y. Hilton
Kareem Hunt
Sterling Shepard
Darius Slayton
Ravens D
Broncos D

Goodness, how big are your benches!? :rofl:

I’d roll Perriman and Slayton in your WR spots.

Flex: I probably go Conner

Defense: Baltimore

Six! But I included the open spots in my roster and notable free agents I could pick up.

To me Perriman is a must start, but I think it is a toss up between Miller and Slayton for WR3.

Everywhere I look Marlon Mack is a top 12 option this week, but I am hesitant.

Also, kinda hard not to start Denver against the Lions

Wild but I agree with @sdatkins but its crazy to think were taking slayton over obj, TY even Shepard has more name value but Slayton has been so good and consitent lately and Perriman is everyones favorite choice for a huge game.
Also yeah Ravens D has been so solid id stick there and the flex Id lean Connor as he should be getting a full workload again. If you dont trust Connor though id be on Mack as the other with a matchup that hasnt been very good against the run

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Here’s how receivers have fared against the Chiefs since week 6. Only 4 guys have gotten double digits, and all are top 15 WR’s IMO, Hopkins, Edelman, Sutton, and Allen. I don’t think Miller is in the same talent group as them. I would be staying away from Anthony Miller against that defense.


You guys have sold me on Slayton, but I am still hesitant to start either Conner or Mack. I am not sure what to do with the flex still.

Also, you guys seem pretty certain on the Ravens. Why would you take the Landry/Odell/Chubb/Hunt matchup versus the Golladay matchup?

I go Baltimore because of this. I will take the consistency of that defense over playing a one week matchup. Cleveland has a lot of talent on paper, but they stink as a team. Baltimore is a better defense, and will most likely be ahead, which means Baker has to pass which = Picks and fumbles and sacks.


Personally Im usually only trying to get the average from my defense if I start hoping and playing for the big play defense ive been burned to many times. I do like the Denver defense this week but the ravens have consistently proven that they can put up a good score even against the best teams in the league. Go with the gut feeling if thats how you made it this far though its not like its a bad play

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I am on board with you guys with the Ravens D. I know I can not go wrong with either one, but it feels like I should go with the better defense overall.

Think you guys can sell me Conner over Mack?

I don’t have a ton of stats to back that up other than Mack went 11 carries for 19 yards last week in his one week back off the broken hand. I assume he will still be in the cast, so we know he isn’t going to catch any passes.

If I have the option between two RB’s who are fairly comparable I go with the guy who is going to be involved in the run game and pass game. We know Conner is going to catch at least 5 passes a game, plus his 10-15 carries. I will take that workload over Mack’s 15 carries but 0 catches, even though he has a great matchup.

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You guys have been great. Let me see what you guys think about my other championship line up in a different league. 1QB/2RB/2WR/1TE/1Flex/1K/1Def

Jameis Winston
Kyler Murray
Melvin Gordeon
Aaron Jones
Devonta Freeman
Todd Gurley
DJ Moore
AJ Brown
Cooper Kupp
Terry McLaurin
Breshad Perriman
Travis Kelce
Darren Waller

how are you setting it currently?

DJ Moore
AJ Brown

Since you have good options at WR, I’d probably be fading DJ Moore with a 3rd string QB. I’d probably go Perriman over him.

Can I really bench Gurley?

To play devils advocate on your first line up question…I don’t think I’d be so sure on Slayton in the WR spot.
I know KC has been tough on WRs in the 2nd half but if you’re in any sort of PPR it’s to overlook Miller’s 52 targets in the past 5 games versus Slayton’s 17 targets in that span. Miller probably gives you higher floor but Slayton might have higher ceiling.
But with the RB/DST question I think you’re on the money with Conner and Ravens.

Good luck!

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The target share is one of the reasons I was leaning towards Miller. I honestly think it is a coin flip.

Not sure where you are getting your Target info but I think it’s off.


Slayton’s last 5 games he has 41 targets, and that is skewed a decent amount by only getting 3 last week.

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Ah yes, was looking at receptions not targets…Slayton just feels like more of a boom/bust play to me than Miller right now. Definitely close between the two of them…

Lol I feel the opposite while both are solid plays i think Miller is more boom bust with Trubisky at qb and the KC defense being more lock down