PPR WR2 - Watkins or Snead?

Who do you start?

Watkins v CIN
Snead IV v NO

snead in my opinion. He will be playing his old team so he will be playing hard.

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Wow, that’s a tight spot you find yourself in. Snead has been putting up very consistent, serviceable numbers (7-9 pts in half ppr), but Watkins is more hit or miss. I think it’s very matchup dependent. If you need the high flyers to go big, throw in Watkins (should be a high scoring game), but also be prepared for a dud from him. Snead has a very safe floor but not a huge ceiling, so if you don’t need the most points in the league to beat your opponent, go with Snead

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Snead for me if you need solid but unexciting points, Saints slot corner is a good matchup for Snead and Latimore will take away either Crabtree or Brown on any given play most of the time so Snead should see an uptick in targets.

If you need to shoot for the moon as it were for points then i’d go Watkins but be aware of the extremely low floor with him so he’s the high upside play only if need it for me

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Thanks all!