PPR WR3 and Flex Question!

Need a W this week after starting out 4-0 and dropping my last 2. I need 1 WR and 1 Flex from the following list of players, PPR. All help appreciated!!

WR E. Sanders DEN (v KC - Thurs)
WR R. Anderson NYJ (v NE - Mon)
WR J. Crowder NYJ (v NE - Mon)
WR A. Green CIN (v JAX - Questionable)

RB C. Hyde HOU (v IND)
RB D. Singletary BUF (v MIA)
RB S. Michel NE (v NYJ - Mon)
RB D. Henderson LAR (v ATL - if Gurley+Brown both out)

Probably Crowder and Hyde or Michel. I’d lean Hyde though.

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Hm interesting, wasn’t even thinking about Either of them lol

Updated options above