PRE NFL DRAFT Dynasty Start Up!

What’s up guys… Hope you’re all being safe during these trying times. There is a silver lining through all of this, I promise you. This is giving us all a reset, and making us realize how important things are that we haven’t appreciated so much. LIKE TEACHERS! Pay Em! :laughing:
I’ll digress…

Weeks or months of boredom can make a person do crazy things. I say make one of these crazy things a commitment that could easily last a half of a decade or more. Hey, it’s a good way to abstain from making a commitment that could last 18 years by making a quarantine baby. It’s all about give and take :joy:.

So with that being said, and in the spirit of supporting and bringing awareness to others on how important it is to stay home, I’m wanting to put together and assemble a new start up Dynasty league (Pre-Draft) sooner than later. I’ve seen other dynasty leagues forming and doing this in support of the “ Stay Home” initiative. We all have the time I know that. PPR Super Flex, (2 flex total).

I know what you’re thinking… “You Can’t have a rookie draft before the draft?” Right ? Not :100: % true. Hear me out. Objectively, The first 10 offensive rookies will be relevant no matter where they end up. Fantasy football is a gamble guys, especially Dynasty. Predict where you believe they’re going and base it off of that ya know. That’s the reason I say Pre-Draft too! , I think it’ll also bring a exiting element of surprises making the draft SUPER INTERESTING on TV being we’ll already have drafted our rookies, and we’ll be rooting for them to go to the team that we think they’ll thrive the most! Nail bitter for sure. And trust me, there is no bigger turnoff to your quarantine partner than doing a dynasty draft in late early April when kick off is still 5 months away. So, im hopeful that 10-12 of you will chose wisely by joining me in participating in the Quarantine Invitational… A.K.A Quentin Quarantino’s FFL. Thx let me know.


Sorry, about vague specs. Just seeing if I get some hits 1st. It’ll be PPR, with a .20 for rushing attempts. So it favors RB heavy approach. A progressive I know, but being my 15th year playing I Started getting away from the typical boring standard leagues about 5 years ago. As soon as I get a few more hits I’ll see about fast vs slow draft. I prefer fast because I’m too anxious in between picks. I live and breath fantasy. Haha

No more than $20-$25 for buy in…

Coo man. I’ll keep ya posted

I’m interested. What platform are you thinking?

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I can let you know by days end. Thx

Still got any empty teams?

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PossiblyZ. Figuring it out now

My email is if you get it all figured out

I’m in. Please let me join. I need the escape sir

I commented earlier. My email is

me as well please.

I’m interested in joining. I’m @Jungy on Sleeperbot.

Hit me up

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I will join! Sleeper name @gregdavitte

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