Pre Season Picks to Win

Whats up Footclan! My league is doing a preseason pick-em to decide who gets first pick at draft order and I wanted to know what people think for the outcomes of preseason. I know it is tough to project things for preseason and make accurate predictions, however, I feel like some guesses can be made based on backup qbs and new weapons that could get an opportunity during preseason. I have tried to find some predictions on outcomes online and have come up short. Just trying to set myself up for a good pick so let me know what you think. Thanks!

Back in 2015 I made decent money betting on preseason using only one criterion: coaches. Look up the coaches’ preseason records, you find that some really try to win preseason games and some make no effort whatsoever. Won’t help in all games but should net you a couple wins a week on top of the expected number for the random nature of preseason and you should get a solid pick


Thanks a ton! I had not that about that but that makes a lot of sense.