Predicament, Need your help

10 team standard league. I am extremely thin at RB, but very well of at WR. My RB’s are Jacobs, Mckinnon, Gibson, Bell and Akers. I have the #1 waiver priority. Joshua Kelley would be my choice but he is rostered. Davis, Henderson and Freeman are available. First, do I use the waiver priority on any of these guys? Second, Which one? I like both Davis and Henderson, but both can be limited, especially when CMC comes back and who knows whats going on in LA. I feel like Freeman has more season long value if he has any semblance of his old self. A lot of if’s here, thats why this is such a touch decision. Thanks for any input!

Personally, I’d take Davis over Freeman. I think Davis can help you win games NOW, whereas Freeman at best is in the same predicament that Saquon was in, but is a worse athlete (which pains me to say as a FSU fan). Henderson is interesting, but his value isn’t certain.

I forgot an important detail about this league. The commissioner changed it from head to head match ups to just straight points. Definitely takes a lot of fun out of it but do you think that changes the decision making?

I think that eliminates Freeman at the very least. Freeman won’t pick up the offense in 1/2 of a week. I think I’d still take the steady production of Mike Davis.

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