I’m currently down 101-96 and we each have one player left… he has Alex Smith and I have Kareem Hunt going tonight, what are the odds I pull out a comeback W? Standard scoring

oh man… this is interesting, you need hunt to have another 20/25 point game. I predict that he will win 116-115

Ahh man that hurts lol. ESPN is projecting him winning 116-111, Im just really hoping it turns into a running game and Kareem gets fed 30 carries and smith throws a pick and no TD’s. Julio getting injured killed me yesterday

i also have hunt so hopefully he goes for another 40 point game lol

I need a big game from Hunt as well. I’m down 27 and he has nobody left. It says I have a 30% chance and I think that’s about right. It was 50/50 before that day TD by Fitz at the end of OT.