Preferred draft position in a 12 team league for 2019?

If you were given the choice, what is everyone’s preferred draft position in a 12 team snake draft?

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I don’t have many redraft leagues anymore myself, but when i am doing a start up dynasty draft i prefer the 4-6.

My reasoning for that is not having to wait for a long period of time to make selections. So if you want to wait on a player for the comeback you have a far greater chance than being 1st or 12th. Those positions force you to take players at bad values in my opinion.

In Conclusion, If your stuck in the front or the back you may be forced more often than not to reach for a player you desire instead of taking the logical path.

I’ve been doing a number of mock drafts right now. My preference is to draft about 5th. You can still get one of the elite RB’s, and you draft earlier in the 2nd round to get a very high/elite WR. Depending on who people take, I’ve seen scenarios that drafting 6th or even 7th gets me one of the RB’s I really want.

Your absolutely right, I had the 6th and 7th pick in 2 different stat-ups and in one of them
traded up to get cmac. i refused to not get a back i wanted at that time