Preferred draft position

Alright #footclan what’s your preferred draft position in a 12 team snake 3rd round reversal draft?

I prefer to be 3 spots from either end. Gives you good spots for pick and a chance to be in a run if one comes up.

Depends on how many players are in your top tier. If it’s 3, I want to pick 3rd. If it’s 6, I’ll want to pick 7th or 8th because 1-2 players not in my top tier will probably get picked ahead of me.

Kind of crazy because last year it was pick 3. Now I’m lookin at pick 7 or 8 like eyyy. Lookin good gurl. My preference is all about who I can rely on to be top tier. I want I guy who is in the top 12 players (not including QBs) and then I’ll fill the rest of the way. I only plan for round 1, maybe round 2 if I’m far enough back in the draft because so much can change.