Preferred Dynasty roster Structure

I am starting a dynasty league with friends that will have between 23-25 man rosters. I am trying to figure out my draft strategy. The starting lineup consists of 1 qb, 1 te, 2, rb, 2, wr, 2 flex no defense or kicker. Most of my mocks have ended up with 3 qb (usually draft late think Dak, Rivers, and J. Allen), 3 TE (1 earlier 2 late), 8 running backs and 9-10 receivers. How many quarterbacks/tight ends do you prefer to roster in dynasty leagues where you only start 1?

depends on who you have in dynasty for me. If you have someone like Rodgers, Mahomes, Ertz, Kelce, Kittle, are you really going to start anyone else other than them? Probably not, so I only would roster your starter, plus 1. That’s just me though, if an injury happens, then I’ll look to trade.

So if you don’t have one of those top guy at either position, I tend to wait on the onsies, would you go with 3 in both? For example, Winston/Rivers/Rosen along with say Hunter Henry/Herndon/Jarwin

Yeah but it depends on who is available as well. I won’t pass on someone though because I already have 3 TEs. If the TE there is a better dynasty prospect to me than the RBs or WRs available I’ll roster another TE then

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