Preferred in dynasty?

Without accounting for current value, who would you rather have in a dynasty league?

  • Derrick Henry
  • Rashaad Penny

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Penny for me. I just can’t help but think Henry was an outlier at the end of the season and he’ll return to being inconsistent. Penny I think eventually gets a chance to play a big part with seattle.

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This is really close to me. I’m not a Henry believer but he is the starter. We can claim that Penny eventually gets the job and he probably should but we have no proof of that and Carroll is a weird dude with this stuff. Not to mention that Carson looked really really good last year in the starting role. It feels extremely gross to say but I guess I lean Henry as he’s an actual starter.

Indeed close but i would go Henry. I voted Penny but i gave it a tought. If Henry stays involved he gonna be awesome. Plus he was a 2nd round pick they have a draft investment in him.

Chris Carson was great. And it would always be a committee.

You do realize Penny is a 1st round pick right?

I agree that it’s Henry as much as I hate him. He has a more clear path to touches than penny.

Yeah i know penny was a 1st round. Just saying that henry is not someone that they let go quick.

Voted for Penny. He is much more dynamic.