Preliminary start sit question

Half PPR

With the recent news, would you:

Start: either Gibson or Chris Thompson
Sit: over AJ brown or Terry McLaurin

Just how big is the hype?

Dang. All of those players are facing tough defenses. To me it would come down to 2 players: Thompson and McClaurin.

Yes the Eagles have gotten better in cover but McClaurin will still be targeted like crazy.

Thompson, I think he’s gonna get a heeeavy work load. Especially in the passing game.

I’m all in on Gibson but Eagles are still tough to run on.

I love AJ Brown, but he could seriously just get 3 or 4 targets. Then again it can also be for 80 yards and 1 TD.

Change my mind- Im starting AJ Brown over all of them. Draft capital and what he can do- Brown is the choice…for me.

Yea I feel like there is a lot of hype for A.J. brown and was likely going to start him. What about between the other 3? I need 1 more guy

I think I read your original post wrong. Apologies.

I think I’d be starting Thompson. Especially with Ryquell possibly sick.